esoterie lectuur

SELF-IMPOSED LIMITATIONS Mental limitations are restrictions upon the potential expression of an individual mind. In the beginning these are better seen as steps towards development — they exist for our protection, to guard us against undertaking things beyond our capacity to achieve or control. Although we can see limitations in the early conditions of our […]


esoterie lectuur

A profound respect for truth produces a high sense of duty which places conscience and the principles involved above personal gain, and which serves integrity, honour and good faith, irrespective of the physical consequences. The use of duty as a facade or false front for despotism that encroaches upon the rights of individuals, and forces […]

Overal worden frequenties gebruikt vooral om onderzoek te doen. Ziekenhuizen (mri röntgen) kinesist met apparatuur om je spieren bv te prikkelen. We zijn het zo gewoon, zodra er echter iets mystieks is aan bepaalde technieken houdt men de boot af. Is dit angst voor het onbekende ?