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A profound respect for truth produces a high sense of duty which places conscience
and the principles involved above personal gain, and which serves integrity, honour
and good faith, irrespective of the physical consequences.

The use of duty as a facade or false front for despotism that encroaches upon
the rights of individuals, and forces them to act against their own principles of
justice, denotes a corrupt government. The use of duty as a weapon to enforce
allegiance, and to impose codes of conduct upon a community or an individual, is
un indication of a degraded moral attitude in those who rule. This is sure to have
far-reaching evil effects. It will undermine law and order, and eventually bring
about their disintegration. Duty carried out under compulsion, without an ideal to
inspire it, brings no happiness. To enforce an unreasonable duty under fear of
death or punishment is contrary to Christian principles.

Loyalty and duty often blend and can become a powerful force in personal
relationship. To be impartial needs brave and conscientious effort. To be absolutely
impartial is almost impossible for the average human being, for love, loyalty, duty
and emotions all become confused. It requires a strong will to overcome these
influences and to see clearly the spiritual issues involved.

War arouses emotion that plays upon the survival fears which are instinctive in
human beings, as in many other forms of life. Man’s mental response to “duty” in
these circumstances is pathetic, when we consider what war brings in its train —
ruined homes, destroyed cities, mass slaughter and astronomical debts, while the
attendant corruption and breakdown of moral disciplines extend far into the future.
Such duty, be it ever so bravely done, seems nevertheless a mockery to the
Christian, whose Master adjured him to love his neighbours as himself.

We have a duty to one another. Each of us is his brother’s keeper. Duty to our
country which drives us to kill the citizens of other countries is a travesty, making a
mockery of duty to our neighbour. But a sense of duty which springs from the
heart and impels us to serve a worthy ideal unselfishly is worth a king’s ransom,
when contrasted with duty forced upon thousands of people against their principles

and under penalty of death. No nation can Survive long if its foundations rest only
upon compulsion. Duty and loyalty betrayed make mockery of man’s aspirations.
We desperately need spiritual philosophy to combat the ignorance which lies
behind man’s inhumanity to man, for it is only by regard for spiritual values that
our future is assured. To have a reasoned and intelligent sense of our duty to each
other is the true pathway to freedom.
Allegiance is to the Divine Principle and not to false values.


R.P. Beesley – galillee series –  The Duty of Freedom chapter 3

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