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Magnetism and gravity — two of the purest elements contained within the earth.
Each planet and system within the galaxies develops its own rhythms, frequencies
and vibrations. These are determined by the speed or movement, the distance of
the planet itself from the parent sun and to its satellites. We must see that the
whole of the universe is rotating. There is nothing stationary. Everything is in orbit,
one body or force to another. The interconnecting space is a form of ether, which
in another term, is highly magnetised electrical energy. These energies fill the whole
of space, making communication through space possible, because of the very nature
of these electro magnetic structures.

Remember that the earth is a huge dynamo, revolving in space at great speed. It
is this speed by which it is centralised into an exact balance — into the movement
of the earth time. If we lived on another system where the revolution was different
in time, in rotation or orbit, then we should have different degrees of time, perhaps
days of only six hours and nights lasting twelve hours — a day of four weeks instead
of twentyfour hours. Thus we see that the action of the rotation of the planetary
system is really not time at all but a measurement of the planet’s speed as it rotates
through its space orbit. the basic fact discovered by Newton — the force of attraction. We must be careful
when we are dealing with esoteric philosophy and thinking not to formalise, but
keep every aspect of knowledge, information and awareness into the broadest field
where it can adjust itself and avoid being solidified into a dogma or so called
scientific truth, so that we can now begin to see the pattern is open, varied — and
like evolution — it is continually going on.

So let us deal with the phenomenon of light — which is quite simply — friction.
The sun does not send us heat, it sends light and it is the friction of light particles
passing through the density of our atmosphere which produces heat just as if you
tub your hands together they get warm. So we have cold and hot light in that
sense. Yet each can be through friction, through attraction and molecular friction
becomes another energy, all these energies continually expressing themselves but
in different terms. We are aware of gravity, or rather — not aware of gravity, because
everything stays where it is. You can play a game of billiards in any part of the
world and the table remains stationary — even if there were a fractional movement
this would be hardly perceptible as gravity makes possible the balance and control

~ the manifestation of the phenomena within control because of the perfection of
the motivation of that law within itself. Gravity is a typical example of this. We
take it for granted. We put a cup of tea on the table, we expect it to stay where it
is — and it does. We look at the great oceans of water — why don’t they flow off
into space? What is the gravitational effort of attraction which holds them so firmly
to the surface of the earth? When one thinks of the millions and millions of tons of
weight in evidence on a revolving platform, one can judge the kinetic energy of that
situation — the force, the stretch. The tension on the surface of the earth is immense.
It is sometimes stretched internal movement, internal gravity. We have the volcano,
we have the earthquake. We can get the great mountain chain forming themselves
from the depth of the fire of the internal sun, erupting into space time and setting
up planetary history. So there is no such thing as gravity as such. Gravity is only
movement, the earth rotating in action. By this we have an ordered universe and
from an ordered universe we are able to have calculated time, are able to formulate
and control energy, the particles and speed of light, the movement of electricity,
also to calculate what these magnetic energy fields really do.

A thunderstorm is a very simple example of earth and atmospheric magnetism
balancing itself. If the polarity of the earth and that of the atmosphere became out
of frequency, then the friction between them increases. Thus we have enormous
energy building up in the earth and cloud tension which can only be released by the
violent exchange, the attraction of force. We are told that one flash of lightning
could light a whole city for twelve months. So much power, so much energy has
been released in that fraction of a second. One day we may be able to harness this
dynamo of ours and the friction of its movement through space, and actually use
the earth’s generation of magnetic and electrical forces as an area of energy, as
chemistry and the formulation of code patterns within molecules. For all these
things are controlled by the density of matter through the weight,
the pull and attraction of the magnetic forces from the earth.

Remember that this earth is not the only orb rotating in space. We must see its
inter-relationship to other celestial bodies. We know that a disc, a point of light, is
some action in far off space. We know that these lights — these stars — revolve
round one another. We know that they are not points. They are centres of light,
action, rotation, movement. For example, the earth revolves round the sun and the
sun in its turn revolves round some other luminary unknown to us, which controls
its movement in a definite direction along a given line. At the same time the moon
is revolving round the earth which is at the same time revolving round the sun —
they move in space together with the sun and the earth is revolving round the sun,
which at the same time revolves round an unknown centre. These centres of energy
in space are vast and incomprehensible. What is keeping us spinning, what is keeping
us in action, what holds the sun in its permanent place and the stars in their
courses? All these things we must realise when we are thinking of magnetism and of
gravity, for they are immense elements by which the universe is ordered and

We may go even further and say that magnetism is not only an energy within
itself, it is a thinking force on which the intellect and the balance of laws, controls
such as electricity, depends for the basic forces by which to generate, to hold the
control pattern from which it is formed in the first place. To generate electricity we
first of all need a very strong and powerful centre of magnets. These we revolve
round great masses of copper wire. We then draw from the magnetism and translate
it into electricity where some form of controlled area changes it from magnetism to
electricity. This lights our houses, works our washing machines and television sets,
even running this magnetic tape onto which I am speaking. All is coming from this
great rotation of space matter within the friction and the density of eternal power.

So once we have the perspective, we can see that magnetism and gravity are a
part of the same pattern, the one so generating the other, because they are in some
way an electrical attraction, a magnetic adhesion, the forming within the pattern of
the other. This theory may, of course, be open to criticism from science, but from
our experiences in a therapeutic and philosophical world and especially in the study
of esoteric formula, the gravity and magnetic areas are so closely attracted, working
within their own vibrations and frequencies that they become a total partnership
in everything that they do.

Naturally there are very different degrees of magnetism, different degrees of
gravity. For example, in some parts of this Earth things weigh much heavier — in
other parts they weigh much lighter. Is the reason to be found in the molecule of
the metal — is it the atmosphere or is there in existence another energy between
magnetism and gravity? We rather suspect there is. But we are more interested in
this theory and these observations as they apply to the human being. We are aware that the human body,
the astral, the physical body itself, work under various
tensions or pressures. The earth body has to work under 15 pound pressure per
square inch, which is enormous when one looks at it. It is the same with the atmosphere
and the gravitational pull. We have found in our research that these play an
important part in human development, in human action and health, and strangely
enough, in consciousness. The denser the matter, the less the consciousness, the
higher the substance the greater the consciousness. We find that we can evolve an
atom to such an extent of vibration that it is not affected by gravity, or earth magnetism
but is only affected by the ether, which is the atmosphere of space. Why is it
then that consciousness — which has a fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional extension
of awareness — has a weight change when we alter the balance of the intelligence.
When we increase the activity of brain-waves and engage a sort of psychic force,
immediately we cause less gravity. Gravity keeps the body up straight, it keeps the
spine straight, it drains the body and is a part of the structure system of the whole
skeletal frame, and provided that frame is in alignment, that it is in sympathetic
tension, then gravity is your body’s best friend. But should that body by any means
lose its alignment, by some disturbance the balance becomes one-sided, such as a
strain in the back or a dislocation of the pelvis or even structural tension, then
gravity attacks the body — it is not its friend any more. Just as a tree which starts
to fall, gravity will bring it down — so gravity at one moment is the tree’s best
friend and at another moment it withdraws it back into the nature of the earth.

Where does gravity come into this? We find that gravity, magnetism and water all
seem to have some affinity to each other. What happens to one happens to the
other and in the magnetic and electrical sense, which is the nerve system, we can see
that the atomic structure of the body, the cells and the tissues, the construction of
the spine and the balance of the body are all in these fields. Research has been done
on non-gravitational areas in the space programme and many mysterious and extra-
ordinary things have been discovered, none more so than the fact that as we have
gravitational bodies, if we try to live too long without gravity then our systems
begin to deteriorate, the drainage — even the compression of our body alters its
structure and this is not in sympathy with human existence.

We find in some cases, people have suffered gravitational drop, that is their
gravitational fields are lowered either from shock, anaesthetics or exhaustion, over-
nervous tensions. It is surprising how electrical discharges of electrical/magnetic form
has a destructive effect upon the nerves. The nervous system, is run by electrical
impulses. We sense, feel, taste and touch everything electrically. The magnetic field
which surrounds the body is a part of the electro/magnetic areas of the body energy.
It forms a shield, a thermal covering and is a part of our survival pattern. There is an
old saying in nature that nothing is wasted. So it is with all the external parts of our
electrical bodies. We make electricity in the brain, we make it by friction, make it
by fermentation. We also make it directly and indirectly through cell and chemistry. So our earth bodies are making an enormous amount of magnetic electrical currents
in themselves. Yet at the same time we have our feet on Mother Earth, we are
within earth gravity and magnetism and we have found that these two must work
together in co-ordination.

Then again, we find that magnetism is anti-gravity. It isn’t so much influenced
by density, and we have discovered that magnetism and gravity form an important
part of human existence. We have found too, that where gravity is low we have
heart and respiratory problems, drainage and glandular problems. The gravity level
of the body has become far too low, the magnetism too high, giving only partial
gravity within the system. In therapy we have discovered a method by which we
can raise gravity fields, using our own electro-magnetic force energies. We are able
to bring down the magnetic electrical fields and unite them over the head, This is a
slow motion action where we use our field energies to unify and to align these forces
together as one working partnership. We have also found that depression and
migraine, heart and respiratory problems have all been over-activated by the non-
co-ordination of the magnetic energy and we can unite them, bring the magnetism
down, the gravity up and we interlock them into the head centre of the chakra
system. We can see this very nicely illustrated for us in the old religious pictures of
the halo. The halo is not just used in a pretty picture of a saint, It 1s actually an
electrical-magnetic gravity centre which is over the head, We have many suits of
clothes, we wear gravity, we wear magnetism — these, which are a part of our own
solar system, become a part of human existence. This question of weight — we find
that when a person’s consciousness is low the body gets heavier and heavier, You
probably notice this in yourself — at the end of the day you can hardly push yours
self upstairs. As your consciousness becomes tired, your gravity weight increases.
After a night’s sleep, moving from the vertical to the horizontal position, your
magnetic fields have been able to realign themselves and the consciousness hay been
able to become highly energised into its other spheres — the fourth dimension,
When the two have come together we find we can run up and down stairs and are as
light as a feather — even the weight of our body is different, This can be proved — if
you would like to weigh yourself in the morning and again in the evening you will
find that according to your degree of tiredness your body gravitation will change

Now how does this apply to our new ideas? We are now on the verge of very
important discoveries where the gravity and magnetism within the electro fields and
the electro-magnetic theory of gravitational fields through the Jaw of attraction, is
going to present us with some very valuable information on many illness and
diseases. When one sees how much gravity is in the circulation of the body, the
lymphatic systems, the systems of the veins and the distribution of energy through:
out the body, the different posture positions of these energies are important, We
are beginning really to see now that the elements in which We live play 4 most
important part in the consciousness of our very existence, It Ii knows IN some parts
of the world where gravity is very high — such as where there is uranium — there is
a high incidence of cancer, leukaemia and other types of breakdown of the ionisation
and the nutritional structure of the body is effected, There are probably other
areas of the world where cancer is unknown and even certain illnesses and diseases
are much more apparent under certain situations than they would normally be. We
are becoming very aware of environmental and structural health. The earth is not
only a great dynamo moving herself in space, we are also creating millions of little
dynamos all over her surface. We are creating masses of electricity today, creating
magnetic electro fields out of proportion to the natural balance of the earth system.
This additional energy is being thrown into the earth surface and into the atmosphere
surrounding the earth — because we use electrical earthing, use Mother Earth
just as we use transmission wires, as the area of return for the generators and
dynamos. Therefore we are over-using the Earth too, over-energising, over-stressing.
We haven’t thought of pollution in this way. What happens to all this electricity
and magnetism — does it just disappear? It doesn’t disappear, it becomes cumulative
within the density atmosphere — it can even change the temperature of the earth. It
can alter the pressure on bodies, change environmental atmosphere. It can bring
great stress upon the texture not only of the earth’s surface but on the electrical
systems of human beings. Are we much more angry people today? Do we quarrel,
have more wars? Does the slightest thing make us run for our guns? We are a very
backward culture — Space doesn’t think much of us. We still think killing each
other is the solution to our problems and that is only the beginning. But is there
some relationship between this high frequency of energy which we are producing,
putting it first into the surface and then into the atmosphere, then also into the
climate? Are we producing a situation in which hypertension can become a massive
illness within the humanities? Will this produce thrombosis? Will this produce additional
gravitational demands upon the body? All these things must be considered in
the light of our new considerations. The College of Psycho-Therapeutics has been
interested in these phenomena for years and only recently through our colour
therapy research programme and observations we have become aware of how important
these fields are to the balance of the person’s mind, to their moods, to their
chemistry, to the alignment of their body, their structure and to the denser patterns
of consciousness and unconsciousness which can affect them. All of you are aware
too, of what we call dead weight and live weight. If a person is unconscious or
asleep it takes far more energy to move them than if they were awake. So live
weight, that is when the consciousness is in the body, seems to have some important
bearing upon the weight of the body. Can we increase the volume of esoteric know-
ledge within the consciousness and so raise the consciousness above this element of
gravity magnetic illness? Can we set in motion some sort of spiral where the whole
of evolution speeds up and we pass out of the realm of sickness and disaster, where
we can stop interfering with the natural pattern of the earth’s structures and the
environment in which we live? All these are immense questions which the future in our
children will have to be answered. If we want so much electricity to run all our
neon signs to sell us goods that we don’t need, our expense of energy is not only in
the wastage but it is in the exhaustion of the planet itself, the over building, the
over structuring and the high tension of electric magnetic fields which can in turn
increase the gravity field. This in turn can cause tension on the inside of the earth
which in itself could set up violent upheavals caused by the higher energy forces
that have been earthed into the surface of the planet itself. So many things must we
think about. We are playing with energies to such an extent. Never has man reached
such a threshold of things within one century. We have come from the horse and
buggy in one hundred years, in less perhaps, have travelled to the moon. And we are
now talking of using space as an energy factor to radiate back to us on short micro
waves. These won’t be centred in one place but will come down on the whole of the
earth. Shall we upset the spectrum of the infra structures, the ultra-violet. Shall we
even disturb the green belt of the photo-synthesis of the earth which produces our
food? All these things must be thought about because we can no longer ignore the
energy forces we are creating and abusing. We must see this in the way of a philosophy
of the earth, a philosophy of the atmosphere, a philosophy of man’s relationship
not only to himself but to other systems, other stars. We are all revolving round
each other, we are all under some master system, some master plan, some master
organisation. Call it God, whatever we will — it is an ordered universe. Therefore if
we disturb this order without consideration for the cost of the structures which are
existent and formulated within those energies, then we not only put ourselves at
risk within our human environment and civilisation but we put even our system of
the solar systems and other bodies and celestial forces at risk as well. So it is time
that all of us thought seriously about these energies, these forces and the use and
abuse we are putting them to. Time to think of a philosophy, a balance to raise the
consciousness of the human family to such a degree that its lightness, its weight, its
freedom from illness and disease and the tension within the planet itself will change.
But this change can only come about by thinkers and those who have the whole
planetary environment at heart, who can see God, man, nature and the universe
working in a total partnership for the evolution of our children’s children and the
millions of years which lie ahead within the culture of every planet and system in
the eternal run towards its perfection.

galillee series – duty of freedom chapter 8 – R.P. Beesley

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