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PHILOSOPHY October 2020

Philosophy october 2020

P Goldman

Is the quality of our response to wise guidance really a form of self-recognition, where the fullness of our unrealized capacity is as an impulse directing us towards its own realization? Are we in a process of self-remembering through stimulation by the very nature of existence where karma is specific both to bring the integration of scattered information and its recollection in time and space? Sometimes difficulties may describe a way of unlearning to make space for clearer vision.
Our foundation, can be in our state of ‘Universal Presence’, seen as the quality of spiritual maturity capable of making constructive use in life through whatever gender, race, family, belief system or occupation.
This anchors an incarnation to its inner and higher purpose.
It is also a state of inner space with the readiness to engage in life without seeking avoidance or special privilege.
In the archetypal sense, this is a capacity to ‘come through’ dis-ease and misadventure without needing undue attention.
Some karma or life-challenge may be specific, for example to clear and prepare the heart as an organ and center for higher intelligence, or the throat center, to engender the courage to clearly share insight and social concern. Our place within the family nurtures our own bodily acceptance and physical confidence. Our first experience through the awakening senses can create a reactive lifelong survival reaction.
The shadows of history often re-emerge collectively and without borders into the world. In upsetting everyone and everything, fixed resistant patterns must give way allowing the light of the soul to show the way.

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