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Pioniers ervaring – workshop van het zijn

Comments september Peter Goldman

COMMENTS sept.’21
Within the many effects of today’s pandemic the tendency to history repeating itself is diminishing and with it, the primal fears of existence.
As superstition dissolves, new foundations to Being emerge where survival does not dominate. There is new rhythm within the relative chaos of the collective unconscious. History, whenever it may have happened, is timed to the living moment of its consequence.
The incarnating Soul is mastering the forces of evolution through the Body/brain. Within human nature there is a deepening awareness between the planetary and the spiritual. The temporal and the continuous are entering into a flow of conscious living. Elements of consciousness within the spine are more active and through the new generations especially a greater fullness of living can be explored. New lights/insights into existence are switching on.
Communion with the Angelic and Nature Beings is communication through art, science, philosophy and belief. New perspectives into the cosmos then spontaneously open. We can appreciate this in relation to today’s existential challenges.
Time as a measure of living dissolves into an expansion and clarity within memory.
We are as emissaries from the many tomorrows planting the seeds for its fruitful harvesting.



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