For the smile you give, ‘ For showing me the way to live, For being there in moments when ‘You've helped,me to go on again. For lamps you've lit when life seemed drear, For reassurance in my fear, For faithfulness, whate'er the load For courage, calm and fortitude, For being You and staying You In gratitude God Bless You.

Poems for a quiet time

Day by Day


This is my day, no other; yesterday, contrite, Vain vows repeats—it is too late. Tomorrow is a myth—none ever saw its light— To-day is mine; an unstained sheet of white; New joys and cares and fears await. : Take courage, soul, through shadows from the past Make seeming pitfalls on thy way: Or sloth would […]

Now with a rush comes Light, more Light; Lifting the earth from out her drowsy bed, Swinging the stars; a glorious mad race Of heaven and earth. See how the red wings sweep Majestic strange wild birds, Bursting night’s amber, covering day’s face With splendour. Swift flying beauty bring In stillness and in peace the calm pure day.



Gleams of white Light begin To penetrate the secret of the Earth. Choirs of mysterious voices Scarcely perceptible yet in insistent And disturbing beauty Waken us from sleep. For all the words Poets have sung And the wise spoken shine With new meaning now To those who listen Tuned to the Music of the Morning. […]

MORNING PRAYER I commend my day O Lord in Thee. To Thee I assign my will, my heart for you to use as you see fit: perhaps to fill another’s need, to ease another’s pain?


esoterie lectuur

SELF-IMPOSED LIMITATIONS Mental limitations are restrictions upon the potential expression of an individual mind. In the beginning these are better seen as steps towards development — they exist for our protection, to guard us against undertaking things beyond our capacity to achieve or control. Although we can see limitations in the early conditions of our […]


esoterie lectuur

A profound respect for truth produces a high sense of duty which places conscience and the principles involved above personal gain, and which serves integrity, honour and good faith, irrespective of the physical consequences. The use of duty as a facade or false front for despotism that encroaches upon the rights of individuals, and forces […]