Wie kan van zichzelf getuigen : Ik heb de Pilatus, de Caïphas, de Petrus en de Judasfiguur in mij volkomen gekraakt, de nek omgedraaid ? Who can testify for themselves : I completely destroyed, wrung the neck of the Pilate, the Caïphas, the Peter and the Judas figure in me ?

Jozef Rulof ~ Vraag en Antwoord boek deel III

A fish asked a fish WHERE IS THE OCEAN ? the answer of the other fish YOU ARE IN THE OCEAN


Follow your own heart of love, still in mind and see your star shining

Johan van de Sande

HISTORY OF MIND - gives blue MOODS - gives orange PURPOSE - Gives Golden Yellow

Johan van de Sande

For the smile you give, ‘ For showing me the way to live, For being there in moments when ‘You've helped,me to go on again. For lamps you've lit when life seemed drear, For reassurance in my fear, For faithfulness, whate'er the load For courage, calm and fortitude, For being You and staying You In gratitude God Bless You.

Poems for a quiet time

Now with a rush comes Light, more Light; Lifting the earth from out her drowsy bed, Swinging the stars; a glorious mad race Of heaven and earth. See how the red wings sweep Majestic strange wild birds, Bursting night’s amber, covering day’s face With splendour. Swift flying beauty bring In stillness and in peace the calm pure day.