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Comments June – Peter Goldman

Comments June - Peter Goldman <p><img src="" alt="P Goldman" width="150" height="150" /></p>Enlightenment is more releasing than realizing. The history of evolution and its potential, the information of yesterdays and tomorrows, is coded within the seed. Life is self-remembering as it manifests even as the very process is unique.And then, we live…

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PHILOSOPHY October 2020

Philosophy october 2020 Is the quality of our response to wise guidance really a form of self-recognition, where the fullness of our unrealized capacity is as an impulse directing us towards its own realization? Are we in a process of self-remembering through stimulation by the very nature of existence where karma is specific both to…

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website weer een beetje uitgebreid Ik heb deze website na wat interne veranderingen uitgebreid zie hieronder de links   Kleuren balancingClick Herekleur en klank balancingKlank en kleur werken samenClick HerefonoforeseWerken met stemvorken het brengt je voort in je bewustzijnClick Here Previous Next Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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